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The Fighting Training

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Basic Fighting Training

Aga Madilla (ඇග මැඩිල්ල)

This name refers to the method of making the body of the novice fighter fit for battle. For this, the body is massaged with an herb produced in the training centers called Gusti Thel (ගුස්ති තෙල්), followed by a series of exercises called Aga Mura to strengthen the muscles, and then the care of a medicine boat called Mada Oruwa (මඩ ඔරුව).

Basics of the training

First foot play (මුල් අඩි සෙල්ලම්)

The basic martial training in Angam art is known as first foot play. 7 such Harambas are included here. They are Haramba Foot, Dadiya, Three Foot, Satara Foot, In Foot, Knee Foot and Anghara Foot.

Ilangam (ඉලංගම්)

Ilangam is the weaponry part of this craft. This is also known as the ancient indigenous martial art. In this craft, the handling of 21 weapons is practiced and the knowledge of how to make those weapons come alive and how to taste them is also taught. They are in five types depending on the nature of the weapon. They are long weapons, Mottayudha, Kattayudha, Chakrayudha and Kuntayudha.

Among the weapons belonging to the battle of Ilangam are the sword, the shield, the maha ketta, the adayatiya, the patisthana, the chestnut, the kattarama, the kuntayudhya, the kalabondiya, the battle axe, the jamajadiya, the leaf-wrapped sword, etc

Apart from this, the knowledge about armor and related manners are also taught here.

Maya Angam (මායා අංගම්)

Gupta martial arts (ගුප්ත සටන් කලාව) is known by this name in local Angam martial arts. This is in 3 types. They are, Angam (අංගම්), Kalam (කාලම්) and Pilli (පිල්ලි). Among these, the 3 Angams are known as the most powerful maya angam systems, the Pimbina Angam (පිබින අංගම්), the Duwana Angam (දුවන අංගම්), the Visi Angam (වීසි අංගම්). Hena Ravana Angama (හෙණ රාවණ අංගම), Udu Thiringa Angama (උඩු තිරිංග අංගම) etc. are very dangerous Angam martial art types. 16 Angam forms, 32 Kalam forms and 18 Pilli forms belong to this art.

Hela Medicine (හෙළ වෙදකම)

The powerful medicine associated with Angam martial arts is known as Buddhist medicine. Here mainly, official medicine is taught while trauma and psychiatry are also taught. A fighter who has not studied official medicine will never get a chance to become a teacher.

Meditation and Yoga (භාවනා සහ යෝගාත්‍ර)

The mind-strengthening meditation technique practiced in the Angam martial arts is called Angagata Dahan. It is the ancient teaching that through these you can get the most intelligent and developed mind. Akkadhari Yogatra, a little-known local yoga technique, is also included here.

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